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Medication Safety in Pregnancy

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EUROmediSAFE Inventory of available data sources in all 28 EU Member States (2018) for potential use when evaluating the perinatal and long-term childhood risks associated with in-utero exposure to medication.

To Install the Inventory

  • Download the EUROmediSAFE Inventory in the zipped file: 
  • Then, locate the C:
    • Create New Folder and label "EUROmediSAFE"
    • Unzip into the folder C:\ EUROmediSAFE
    • Note that the Inventory will not function correctly if you copy it into any other folder than C:\ EUROmediSAFE

Additional Information about the Inventory

For complete information about the Inventory, please see EUROmediSAFE Inventory_Finalv2_2018_07_06.pdf