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Medication Safety in Pregnancy

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Boyle B, Garne E, Loane M, Addor M-C, Arriola L, Cavero-Carbonell C, de Walle H, Gatt M, Lelong N, Lynch C, Nelen V, Neville AJ, O'Mahony M, Pierini A, Rissmann A, Tuckers D, Zymak-Zakutnia N, Dolk H (2016).  The changing epidemiology of Ebstein's anomaly and its relationship to maternal mental health conditions: a European registry-based study.  Cardiology in the Young. DOI:10.1017/S1047951116001025 

Schurman L, Vinkel Hansen, A, Garne E (2016).  Pregnancy outcomes after fetal exposure to antithyroid medications or levothyroxine. Early Human Development 101:73-77.