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Medication Safety in Pregnancy

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Contact Information


Mrs Katy Karnell
EUROmediCAT Administrator (through Dec 2019)



Dr Maria Loane
EUROmediCAT Central Database Manager

EUROmediCAT Steering Group (EMSG) members

Anna Latos-Bielenska (co-ordinator of dissemination)

Anna Pierini (Pharmacovigilance in Italy)

Ester Garne (member of EUROCAT Coding and Classification Committee)

Joan Morris (member of EUROCAT Steering/Management Committee)

Kari Klungsoyr (elected member of all participating registries)

Maria Loane (President and EUROmediCAT central database manager)

Helen Dolk (Principal Investigator of FP7-EUROmediCAT and liaison with ENTIS and IMI)

Marian Bakker (co-ordinator of linkage of registries with prescription data)

Marlene Sinclair (public patient involvement)

Rachel Charlton (co-ordinator of drug utilisation studies)

Sue Jordan (unelected member of all participating healthcare database users)